Dear SJCA friends and family,

We are holding our Annual General Meeting on 18 May. Come join us and have your say! 😉Notice of 39th AGM


Miss Wee: Your Passion Continues…

Hello SJCA friends and family,

Thank you for staying tuned to our latest happenings! Well, we have another bit of news for you…

Just yesterday, we concluded the interviews for the new recipient of the Wee Eng Neo Award and we have to say, it’s been the most heartwarming experience this year!

Besides it being one of the toughest groups to judge with a bumper crop of well-deserving candidates to choose from, we were very moved by an outpouring of testimonials from our SJCA-younglings (or sometimes, we affectionately call, our Alum-lings — sorry, you are all too cute).

With tears overflowing, they gushed about how their SJC teachers and staff have showered them with so much love and care even after they’ve graduated. Going back to the school grounds, these memories came flooding back about the deep friendships they had forged in SJC and much more.

For sure, their emotional sharings triggered our best old SJC memories too, how Miss Wee’s TLC ways always helped us and what motivates us to continue to serve at SJCA. So here’s a big shout-out to our Almar Mater community: “Well done SJC, we love ya and keep that spirit alive!”

If you have any happy stories to share, feel free to post them here also so we can all revel with you.

Have a great week ahead and God bless you. 🙂

(P/S: Watch this space about who the 2013 recipient is!)

iBless 75!

Hello everyone! Here’s a bit of heartwarming news about our Alma Mater…

St Joseph’s Convent will be 75 years old this year and instead of just having an event, teachers, staff, students and students’ families will be reaching out to the community instead to spread the joy of the festivities with iBless 75. So over the course of 2013, the aim is to bless 75 families with basic necessities. They’ve put together donations and basic items to be packed into individualised boxes for beneficiaries.

Isn’t it nice to belong to such a loving Alma Mater community? If you wanna lend a hand just contact SJC.

Have a great weekend ahead and God bless you. 😉

This National Day (2012)…

 While the nation chatters on about the spectacular performances and fireworks that made this year’s celebration another iconic National Day event, we want to take a moment to say thank you to our teachers, principals, administrators, friends and many more great individuals whom we have had the privilege to meet and learn from during our schooldays.

To us, yours was a quiet but indellible signature of care, love and encouragement that continues to remind us why we want to be a part of our SJCA family and stay connected to our Alma Mater. We will never forget you; thank you for dedicating your time to help us find our voice and recognise our way. 

Your contributions do not fade away with time but only shine brighter to spark new beginnings for others. As the recipients of this year’s National Day Award from our SJCA family will agree, we know, that an award is not a triumph if not for the countless individuals and experiences that decorated the way. Congratulations to this year’s and past years’ recipients. Well done!

Feel free to post a memorable quote or moment here that reminded you of a good experience at SJC that has changed your life here… Image

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Hello world!

Welcome to St Joseph’s Convent Secondary School Alumnae website – an online hub where you can anchor all those great memories from schooldays, meet old friends and make new ones. Like any well-travelled vessel that finds the inviting waters of a great harbour, we hope you will find this an enclave to  place all your best SJC moments and even, make new ones with us as well. So go on, share with us. Because all your stories, jokes, memories, photos, videos, thoughts… will be what makes this a great SJCA!